The Ultimate Guide to Eyebrow Threading


The quest for well-groomed brows has never been more in-demand. While properly groomed eyebrows can frame your face and balance your features, maintaining their ideal shape doesn’t come easy, which is where finding the technique that will give you your best brows comes in. Eyebrow threading or  Threading is an ancient Indian technique that removes unwanted hair by twisting a cotton thread. It’s quickly becoming a go-to method for brow grooming because it allows for a more controlled and precise removal of hair from the brow area than waxing. Another bonus? It also lasts longer because the hair is pulled from the root for a clean finish.

Choose The Correct Eyebrow Threading Professional

When you’re deciding where to get your first threading, we suggest that the easiest way to pick a salon is to choose one that has been recommended to you. This could be the one with a majority of positive reviews. Most reputable salons have stringent training programs in place. We also stress the importance of having a thorough consultation with the technician to ensure you get your desired look.

Neither you nor your technician can read minds, so discussing exactly how you want your brows to look is essential before the threading specialist picks up the thread. We, at Superb Eyebrows, will sit you down for a thorough consultation in front of a mirror before your appointment. This gives you time to discuss shape, thickness and colour in detail to ensure you get the look you want. Photos of your brow idols can sometimes help too, so don’t be afraid to bring those along.

Eyebrow Threading: A Gentle Way To Groom Your Brows

Threading is gentler than its waxing and tweezing counterparts. If you have sensitive skin, it may be the best method of keeping your brows in tip-top shape. Threading is absolutely the best option for those with sensitive skin. Threading is the least invasive method of hair removal and unlike waxing, threading does not remove a layer of skin and doesn’t contain any chemicals like depilatory creams, leaving your skin clean & smooth.

Yes, Be Prepared To Feel Some Pain During Your Eyebrow Threading Treatment

While threading is a mild form of hair removal compared to other methods, you should still be prepared to feel some discomfort. Each person has different pain thresholds & skin sensitivity. Some people find threading a bit uncomfortable but generally speaking it isn’t a painful experience. The clean, smooth finish is worth the mild discomfort!

Before Eyebrow Threading: Avoid Makeup To Cover The Redness Post-Appointment

Some redness around the brow area is inevitable following an eyebrow threading treatment. As tempting as it may be to pull out the concealer and other makeup products, doing so may actually further irritate your skin. We never advise covering the area with concealer or foundation, you should avoid applying make-up for a few hours afterwards, if possible.

At Superb Eyebrows, your threading treatment will finish with a choice of soothing gel—either rose water, aloe vera or tea tree—which you can also buy & take for home use.

Ready for An Eyebrow Threading Appointment? Exfoliate Pre-Appointment

To eliminate the chance of painful & unsightly ingrown hairs post-threading, it is suggested to exfoliate your brow area before arriving at your appointment. Especially, if you’re prone to in-growing hairs around the brow area then you should exfoliate the area beforehand to enable easy removal.

Be Easy On The Tweezers Between Appointments For Eyebrow Threading

As your brow hairs start to grow back, it’s important to resist plucking them as it may ruin the shape your threading specialist has created for you. An easy way to avoid over-plucking between eyebrow threading sessions is to know when your next appointment is actually happening. We would recommend regular eyebrow threading appointments every two to four weeks, depending on your personal rate of hair growth. Try to avoid plucking in between your appointments as one over-plucking session could ruin the shape of your brows for months!

We, at Superb Eyebrows in Hyde, offer exclusive walk in service for eyebrow threading and other threading treatments. You can still book your appointment or just walk into our beauty salon in Hyde Indoor Market.

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