Patch Test

Because we put your safety first, a patch test is necessary for every tinting treatment we carry out (both lashes & brows alike). It is essential that only a small amount of vegetable dye is applied in an area away from the eyes, in case an allergic reaction were to occur it would be in an area that would be less affected than anywhere as sensitive.

As both areas are so close to the eyes, putting dye anywhere near that area – especially if you have sensitive skin – is a skilled job, which is why we definitely recommend you get it done professionally and don’t attempt it at home!

Patch test performed 24 hours before a tinting treatment

How do we conduct a patch test?

If you’re planning on coming in for a tinting treatment, you’re going to need to ensure that you come in for your patch test at least 24 hours beforehand, as the tint itself needs 24 hours to develop.

The actual patch test process is very quick and simple taking less than 3 minutes. All you will be required to do on your patch test is to fill out a record form, so when you come in for your next tint you won't have to have another patch test, and 1-2 minutes to mix and apply the tint to your ear or arm, whichever you prefer.

If you have very light hair, we would recommend you have your patch test on your inner elbow, to avoid staining your hair.

Next time you visit to get your brows threaded, why not get a patch test done at the same time? Then you’ll be ready to have your tint done the next time you visit!

Do I need to have a patch test every time I go for a treatment?

Once you’ve had a patch test, it is then valid for as long as you continue to use our services at our beauty salon in Hyde and then for 6 months after your last tinting treatment.

In simpler terms, think of it like this –  if you are a regular tinting client you will only require one patch test. However, if you only have your brows tinted once every 6 months, you will need one every treatment.

What happens if I’m allergic to the tint?

This is very rare, only clients with very sensitive skin really get any sort of allergic reaction and even if you do experience some redness or itching, it’s extremely unlikely it will be severe.

Should you experience redness, or any other kind of allergic reaction splash the area with cold water and avoid using any perfume or makeup products on the area until the reaction has disappeared.

Unfortunately, if you do experience any kind of reaction from the tint, we cannot carry out the tinting treatment.

It’s very important that you inform us that you have had an allergic reaction, as your safety is important to us.

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